Anderson maintais lead while Tomac's wins pile up



When the riders hit the racing surface for Round 8 in Tampa they were in for a surprise. The longest, deepest, most whooped-out sand section in recent memory was waiting for them, and it created havoc throughout the event. It's not often that there's a single obstacle that separates the riders as this one did, and it factored in significantly into the race results. The addition of a rhythm lane that had an elite few quad'ing through also made quite a difference, and the bottom line was that the best didn't necessarily rise to the top.


Tomac was the best on the night again, though, for the second straight weekend. Now with four wins, one DNS and one single point night, the former favorite for the title has moved into seventh place in the standings. Anderson has been doing everything he needs to ride his way onto the podium and maintain his solid points lead while not pushing too hard and risking catastrophe. 


For a rider like Jason Anderson, riding carefully doesn't always register and his battles through the pack in the heat and main event are evidence of that. If he ends up with this title, it won't be because he backed into it or managed his points lead. It will be because he is always one of the fastest few guys on the track and he has certainly been the most consistent thus far.


Blake Baggett's streak of podium finishes came to an end in Tampa as he sampled the soils (and a safety net) a couple of times throughout the evening. Because of that, he is now third in points and lost nine key points to now runner-up Marvin Musquin. Baggett's next few races are going to be key if he want's a shot at the runner-up spot in the title chase, which seems more likely as more top riders drop out due to injury. First we lost Justin Barcia and Ken Roczen, and now after a nasty Tampa crash, Cole Seely. That's three fewer rivals for Blake to worry about that could easily have finished in front of him, so his chances for podiums just increased immensely. Of course, they also did for everyone else as well.


Musquin has continued to improve as his recovery from a dislocated shoulder in Houston has him running up front and even leading some laps in Tampa. While Marvin looked great in the lead, Eli Tomac was not to be beaten that night. Musquin was able to again stay just fast enough to nab the second place spot ahead of Anderson and chip ever-so-slightly into that points lead. Marvin now sits a distant 49 points behind Anderson heading into Atlanta this weekend. 


Justin Hill's 450SX AMA Supercross debut was, in a word, fantastic. No he didn't win or even podium, but he made it clear that he has the speed to run with and potentially beat every rider in the premier class. His approach to the long rhythm section and sand straight was unique and very effective at closing gaps on the sport's top riders. A small blunder in the main kept him from quite possibly running away with the win - he was that good. Look for Hill to really come out swinging in Atlanta this weekend, and he has a lot to prove in the 450 class - and absolutely nothing to lose.


Austin Forkner put an equally impressive stamp on the 250 class that he's a force to be reckoned with in this series. His forceful and aggressive charge to the front and to run away with the win was one of the most remarkable rides of the night. Not far behind, as expected, was Zach Osborne, who was just a couple of ticks off the pace all night and ended up third. Dylan Ferrandis planted himself between the two for a solid second-place finish, which almost makes up for his disappointing first round result. It is now Osborne with a 5 point lead over Forkner as the 250SX East region heads into their third round this weekend in Atlanta.


Speaking of the Big A, Round 9 will be going down in the brand-spankin'-new Mercedes Benz Stadium, which has replaced the iconic Georgia Dome for all events in Atlanta. Just opened in July, the new stadium should make an outstanding addition to the AMA Supercross Series for years to come.

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