Back indoors for Round 11, and a surprise winner at Daytona



Justin Brayton probably goes into every round of AMA Supercross with hopes of a podium. It's a legitimate expectation for a veteran rider such as Brayton, whose seen more success overseas than here in the United States. While his career thus far has been solid in every respect, he's seldom considered a podium contender, let alone a likely winner. But in Daytona last weekend, he was both. Brayton's race was perfect. He got to the front early and, capitalizing on the misfortunes of others, was fast and consistent enough to maintain a solid lead until the final laps, which is all it took for his first win (and podium) ever in the premier class. It also made him the oldest Daytona 450 class main event winner in history.


Jason Anderson is still the points leader by a substantial amount, despite not the greatest night in Daytona. He's certainly at a point now where if he's just smart and doesn't make big mistakes, he should be able to coast into the title. Anderson's lead is a comfortable 40 points over Musquin, whose consistency hasn't been the greatest lately, which of course plays into Anderson's hand. Going into St. Louis, expect more of the same from Anderson as he has everything to lose and little to gain by getting into risky battles for positions that pay a point or two more than the next.


"Beast Mode" and Eli Tomac go hand-in-hand. At Daytona, Tomac was The Beast. Dead-last to second place on the darkest, nastiest, most rutted-up track of the season is quite a statement, although few were surprised by it. Tomac doesn't need to impress anyone or be concerned with the points at this point as his title hopes are essentially gone, but this just brings the point home that he's out there to win and has the mentality of a winner, and anything less is considered a failure. 


Biggest turnaround of the season? Cooper Webb, without a doubt. Webb was again one of the top three fastest riders this past weekend and is clearly hungry for a top podium position. Finishing third again at Daytona, Webb was impressive throughout the event and was hunting Brayton down for most of the main event. While he hasn't really shown to be a threat for a win just yet, Webb seems to--by most accounts--have it in him to do so. St. Louis this weekend may be a turning point for him, so it'll be fun to keep an eye out to see just where he can take his momentum. Webb is a distant seventh in points, so he has nothing to lose.


Jordon Smith was overdue for a win, and what better place to do it than Daytona? Smith was unbeatable all day, running away with his heat race win then doing the same in the main, it just doesn't get much better than that. Smith is sitting third in points heading to St. Louis; and he's now considered a potential title favorite (if he wasn't already) after putting the beat down on the rest of the field at the toughest race of the year.


Zach Osborne's season seemed to be running exactly like expected after the first round, which he dominated. Holding the red plate ever since, Osborne's not run a race since. In fact, he didn't even get on the podium in Daytona and is now going to share that points leader's plate with ... 


... Austin Forkner. The Monster Pro Circuit youngster is back this season injury-free after a tough 2017 season, and he's proving to be as fast and consistent as expected. Forkner was very good in Daytona and his runner-up finish is evidence of that. Going into Round 11 in St. Louis, he's tied with Osborne, which means this weekend in St. Louis we're going to see a battle royale between these two as not only does their rivalry intensify, but the valuable red plate is going home with only one of them.

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